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Yes. The retail is higher.

This has been the craziest cost year we have ever experienced. Our traditional pricing parameters are nonexistent. The real and painful fact is that ALL our prices from product to freight to staff to everything are up. Some increases have been breathtaking. We join our customers in hating that we raised our prices. We had no choice. All we can ask is that our customers come in and look. We believe our quality and variety of products is stronger than ever and are of great value.


As we’ve always said, if you find a better deal somewhere else, BUY IT! We truly believe that you will be very happy with the value and quality of our products. We hope you’ll stop by to look and judge for yourself. We believe you will like what you see.

That was the short explanation. If you wish, read on for more details. Price increases. We absolutely hate them. So, why the increase? The ability to offer the same quality of product and the same Darlington experience at the same price was not an option. We are not immune to the inflation that hit all of us. For Darlington, pricing pressure started early in 2021. Our retail should have been higher last year, but we put an artificial cap on it, hoping that the pricing issues would dissipate in 2022. Not only did those pressures not decrease but they escalated. We had to make a choice. We could decrease product selection
and quality and maintain the price. Or we could raise our price, keep our quality, and even enhance it. The decision we made was to raise our price. Offer the best products. Expand our variety. Provide great value. Present you with a clean, neat, safe, and fun shopping experience. Be the best we can be.


Pricing pressure takes several different paths. Shortages caused by accelerated demand and a variety of covid related issues had a crazy price effect on raw material prices. Manufacturing, both domestic and international, suffered with lockdowns and slowdowns. Material and well documented labor shortages added to the tight supply and upward pricing pressure. Container

shortages, labor shortages, covid restrictions, and shutdowns have increased both domestic and international freight rates. The increase in those rates has been breathtaking. Those issues resulted in real shortages of available product. Shortages led to greatly heightened prices as competition for the limited product was intense. We made the decision to be aggressive early in the buying cycle to insure product availability. We have not yet seen improvement in price.

We have a strong desire and need to keep our friendly, helpful, and competent staff. To do so, our cost of labor has also gone up.


So, here we are. Increased raw material prices. Shortages of manufactured product. Highly elevated product costs. Serious freight issues with resulting high costs. Increased competition for available product. Staff cost increases.


What to do? Tackle all the issues head on. Find those great deals. Add new products. Expand the selection. Do whatever it takes to get the product in. Display greater product than ever. Have staff that really wants to see you, the customer.


So, what do you get for $2.49? A lot! Over the next few weeks, we’ll be showing you snapshots of what we have. The product is great!


We hope you will come out. See our product, look at our increased selection, and decide for yourself.

Thank you for reading,

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