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Contest Rules

Official Contest & Game Rules

  1. Only one Darlington Holiday Warehouse prize valued at $400.00 or greater may be won within 6 months.   Only one Darlington Holiday Warehouse prize of any value may be won within 60 days (2 Months).   All prizes won within less time than these waiting periods will be forfeited. This includes all Darlington Holiday Warehouse contesting.

  2. No purchase necessary.   Must be at least 18 years of age.   One entry per person per contest or game; duplicate entries may result in disqualification from the game or contest. Must enter in person, in store. No online entries.

  3. Winners are solely responsible for claiming their prize and/or fulfilling travel arrangements.   Prizes are to be claimed at the Darlington Holiday Warehouse offices during regular business hours.   Any prize not claimed within a 14-day period will become property of Darlington Holiday Warehouse.  Some entries may lose value before 14-days.  It’s the responsibility of the winners to pick up prize before expiration date.  Substitution of expired prize is not required by Darlington Holiday Warehouse.

  4. Register-to-win games will be held with random prizes being awarded.  All winners will be chosen randomly. Decision of Darlington Holiday Warehouse is final.

  5. Employees of Darlington Holiday Warehouse, vendors, promotional sponsors, all additional sponsors and the members of their immediate families are ineligible to participate in Darlington Holiday Warehouse contests or games.   Darlington Holiday Warehouse reserves the right to deny participation for any reason.

  6. Winners are responsible for any prize obligation (insurance, taxes, licensing, etc.) and must meet all eligibility requirements. Any item valued at or over $600.00, winner will be responsible to fill out a 1099 for tax purposes provided by station or client giving prize away.

  7. Winners and contestants consent to allow Darlington Holiday Warehouse the use of their name, voice and/or likeness for promotional advertisements for the business with no monetary or other compensation.

  8. Winners must waive any and all claims of liability against Darlington Holiday Warehouse, its subsidiaries and all respective employees and agents for any personal injury or loss which may occur from participation in the contest or from the use of any prize. 

  9. Winners must be able to produce proper identification to claim prize.   Winner is responsible for all taxes, insurance, title and any additional fees.   This includes, but is not limited to, any processing fees.   Other restrictions may apply.

  10. Prizes are non-transferable. If a winner cannot accept the prize as offered or he/she fails to meet eligibility requirements, he/she shall forfeit the prize and the prize will become the property of Darlington Holiday Warehouse or will be awarded to another contestant.

  11. Odds of winning depend on the number of entries received. 

  12. Participants in this contest agree to the above rules, as well as, any additional rules, which may be implemented.   Rules are subject to change without prior notification.   Any rule changes will be published.   

  13. For giveaways that are generated and/or facilitated by texting as the entry into the giveaway, winner is responsible for making the means of communication available.  This means the business will attempt to contact the winner via the phone number used to text into the giveaway as their entry.  The winner is responsible for answering the call with instructions on how to claim the prize AND/OR provide a means for the business to leave a message.  In any case, if a voice mail or voice message service is not available as part of the communication, and the business cannot create communication with the winner, the winner will forfeit prize after 5 business days of non-communication.  The same time constraints and keyword applications apply to entries via the web.  Winner is responsible for in-person pick-up and proof of person with photo identification, regardless of means of entry.  Darlington Holiday Warehouse is not responsible for delivering of contest prize(s).

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